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Corporate Travel Services

Earth Trek offers a wide range of services to help your business make the most of your travel budget. But corporate travel is much more than flights and accommodation. We also host team-building events for your C-Suite, motivational trips for your top performers, and CSR consulting to boost your company’s social impact.

Flights & Accommodations

Sit back and enjoy our white glove service for all your company’s travel needs. You tell us where your people need to go and we’ll do all the work. You can rely on our experienced team to design the most efficient itineraries and get you into your favorite hotels at preferential rates.

C-Suite Team Building & Incentive Travel

Strategic Adventures – Transform your senior executive team and accomplish big goals on a 10-day guided work-and-play tour through Africa.

Strategic Planning Retreats – Bring your sharpest minds to our penthouse suite at the Crane, Barbados. Plan for the future in a safe, peaceful, 5-star setting. A private jet is available for added safety during COVID-19.

Incentive Trips – Motivate your top performers by sending them on a trip to a luxury destination. We’ll take care of all the details.

CSR Consulting Services

Over the last few years, society has been jolted awake by movements such as MeToo, Black Lives Matter, Indigenous Rights, and more.

The standards have shifted

People now demand companies to demonstrate their Corporate Social Responsibility, not as a cheap marketing tactic, but as an authentic, humane, and ethical way of operating a business.

It’s about doing the right things for the right reasons

David Marshall has been developing and leading CSR programs for more than a decade, and would be happy to speak to your executive team about the options.

Earth Trek’s shareholders donate 10% of all profits to our charitable partner, International Needs Canada, which serves vulnerable children around the world.

We want to make a difference, not just profits.

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