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Luxury Travel Services

Our guided African adventures and Umoja Journeys will change your life and open your eyes to a world you’ve only ever imagined. Tap into our global network to get preferred access to the world’s best hotels and resorts.

Guided African Tours

Our founder David Marshall has been leading trips through Africa since 1998. Join one of his guided tours, where you’ll stay in the safest, most opulent locations, and take in the most amazing sights Africa has to offer.

The Umoja Journey

Adventure With Purpose

Plan your bucket list trip now!

The Umoja Journey is a fusion experience for people who want to enjoy a global adventure while discovering how to leave a legacy of greater social significance. The ‘adventure’ unfolds in remote cultural and natural settings across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The ‘purpose‘ takes you off the beaten path so you can witness life in impoverished communities where our charitable partner International Needs works to bring about social justice.

These guided trips are offered by International Needs, which means you receive a charitable donation for a portion of your ticket price. Earth Trek manages all the travel arrangements, and we’re very pleased to extend the invitation to you, our loyal clients. See the itineraries below for pricing and details on our upcoming journeys, and call David directly to reserve seats for you and your family or friends.

Preferred Access to Luxury Villas in Barbados

Get exclusive rates for world-class villas at the Crane and Footprints. These oceanfront properties will allow you to unwind, savour the beautiful views, and prepare for the adventures ahead.

Plus Hundred of Luxury Resorts and Hotels Around the World!

Earth Trek’s shareholders donate 10% of all profits to our charitable partner, International Needs Canada, which serves vulnerable children around the world.

We want to make a difference, not just profits.

“Once I said what I wanted, I didn’t have to think about it again… Fantastic.”



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